Post-Partum Pitch Perfection

I know… it’s been over half a year since I’ve posted anything on here, but I’ve been too busy being pregnant.  So now that I’m enjoying the sleepless life of mommyhood, I’m carelessly throwing away my time (aka “unwinding”) watching trailers for upcoming films. But this time did not go wasted, my friends, I am excited to post this practically-perfect-right-up-my-i heart musicals and bad dance films-alley trailer that I found.  It kicked my post-partum blues (at least for 2.5 minutes) as I imagined myself sitting in the theater watching 30 year old actors play college freshman that dance around having back alley acapella sing-offs.  In reality, I’ll most likely just wait till it’s streaming on Netflix which will most likely be several years from now.

To all my fellow Step Up/Glee/SingOff dweeberoonies out there… you’re welcome.


Cleansing Cadences: YouTube Discovery Downloads

Who said YouTube was just for Drinking Out of Cups, makeup tutorials, how to vids, and Afro Ninja?  I’ve recently discovered the wonderful world of music vlogs.  Thousands of people actually have the confidence to belt out their vocal talent for millions to see online.  I’m so impressed by these folks.  I even went on iTunes and bought some of their songs because I have this weird obsession with song covers.

We Pray For You 55 Youtubers
55 Youtube musicians collaborated to create this beautiful song to raise funds for Japan Tsunami & US Tornado relief.  All proceeds went to the Red Cross.  Maybe I like it because I’m a child of the “We Are The World” days. 

Someone Like You (cover) Charlie Puth & Emily Luther
Here’s a cover of this transcendentally beautiful song that I think even Adele would be impressed with.  The arrangement and vocals are so lovely it feels like they’re wrapping your broken-hearted soul in silk.

Garden (cover) Chris Cendana
So I stumbled upon Chris through the “We Pray For You” collaboration.  The harmonies in this cover make a perfect lullaby.  Plus, the lyrics really resonated with me.  Check out his original single “When the Lights Burn Outwhile you’re at it.

Mario Kart Love Song Sam Hart
How clever and fun.  My favorite line: “When we slide together we generate sparks in our wheels and our hearts.”  Tee hee. 

Cleansing Cadences: Ceremonial MyloXyloto

German poet and novelist, Berthold Auerbach, wrote:

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

My life gets pretty dusty, but I’m never without some awesome tunes to keep my mind less cluttered.

This week, my bathtub of beats was overflowing with some symphonic suds. Jump into the pool of rhythm with me…

Florence-The-Machine-CeremonialsCeremonials – Florence & The Machine

Florence Welch steals you away with her celestial vocals.  Just as good and maybe even better than Lungs, this album does not disappoint.
Playlist repeats:
“Shake It Out”
“No Light, No Light”
“All This And Heaven Too”

Coldplay - Mylo XylotoMylo Xyloto – Coldplay

A very ethereal journey of notes, strumming, and emotional lyrics where Mylo meets Xyloto.  Rihanna drops some beats in “Princess in China” also.

Playlist repeats:
“Every Teardrop is a Waterfall”
“Us Against the World”
“Princess in China”
“Up in Flames”

Is this RECording?

Last night, my friend Jen and I joined 1,600 LA hipsters and immersed ourselves in Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s HitRECord world at the HitRECord Fall Formal. 

HitRECord is an open-collaborative production company that lives online.  Artists of all mediums — singers, poets, writers, photographers, videographers… gather on the site to share their creations, take others’ creations, and create new things.  Think of it as a huge cut and paste board of all things creative and they call them “records”.  Pretty rad.

At Fall Formal, JGL showed a culmination of things that have been recorded thus far.  Tiny stories, songs, and videos.  A whole gamut of guest stars swung by to add to the show as well, including Anne Hathaway, NPH, & Gary Oldman.

The only thing missing from my evening was my makeout session with JGL.  I was told that if that happened, I would be the proud co-owner of several new softball bats… (read: $$$$ worth of softball bats).  Don’t try to understand that last part.

Here are some visual highlights of the evening:

Oh and to keep the JGL love rolling… here he is covering 10 songs.


Incepting Lithium

He came on the scene in the early nineties as an angel-seeing kid that brought faith to California Angels fans.  Then, with shoulder length hair and an awkward demeanor he was an alien disguised as an American high school student.

THEN… he grew up.  Thank God for growing out of awkward adolescence– I know I am… and not just for JGL’s sake. He looks great in a three piece suit walking on ceilings, while playing pretend house in Ikea, and to add to the list of why I heart JGL… he sings!!

Here he is covering Nirvana’s “Lithium” at the the Neptune Theater in Seattle, Washington this past Tuesday night. *SWOON*

UPDATE: Thank you, Katie for my new bedtime lullaby.  *SIGH*