My name is Laleanne.  Pronounced phonetically as “Lah-LEE-ann”… “Leanne” with a “La” at the beginning is what I usually tell people.  That may sound like a strange name to you, but, fortunately for me, I escaped being named Phoebe, Paige, or Ponderosa (While pregnant with me, my mother went through a “P” name phase and was watching a lot of Bonanza.  Thank God she changed her mind at the last minute because if you take one quick glance at my photo, you’ll know that there is no way I could have gone by any of those names).

I am a twenty-something year old marketing genius by day and chef extraordinaire by night.  On occasion, I have been known to plan & coordinate weddings and parties, graphic/web design, music-supervise short films, teach young children about Jesus, and bake a mean chocolate chip cookie (more on that later).

I’ve been called a walking social justice billboard.  On my more enthusiastic days, you will most likely find me wearing my TWLOHA shirt, my Falling Whistles whistle, and TOMS shoes.  If you don’t know about these organizations, then click and join the movements!

I’m currently residing in Los Angeles, but I pride myself in the fact that I was born and raised in southern Orange County, although, I’ve recently started contemplating hiding that fact due to pathetic excuses for television such as Real Housewives of Orange County and The Real OC: Laguna Beach.

Clearly, I enjoy talking about myself– but not in person or in front of large audiences.  Instead, I like lurking online as an Internet phantom slash celebrity.

I love food and I love to eat.  Thankfully, I was blessed with the metabolism of a small bird so I eat almost everything I can get my hands on except for french onion soup, all artificial strawberry flavored items, and white chocolate.  My favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla bean– not french vanilla, or just vanilla, but vanilla bean.  Naturally, a huge part of my food obsession is cooking and baking.  I am a self-proclaimed chocolate chip cookie connoisseur.  After years of trial and error with measurements and secret ingredients, I finally perfected what I believe to be the best chocolate chip cookie on the planet.  Ask me nicely and I may bake you a batch.  They’re phenomenal, trust me.

I have a deep rooted passion for the arts – film, theater, and music.  Had I been taller, whiter, a melody-carrier, and/or rhythmically coordinated you would have probably seen me on stage or television at some point. Essentially, I’m an aspiring film & stage actress trapped in a talentless body.  Instead, over the years, I’ve obtained a number of commendable skills that have helped me enjoy life thus far: including, but not limited to harmonizing in alto, internet stalking  investigation, proficient piano playing (I love alliterations), routine shower singing (I currently only make appearances in my own shower), speed rollerblading (I’m the Apollo Ono of rollerblading), Pandora streaming, Bejeweled Blitz winning, bass & trout fishing, softball, running, and insomnia.

I typically waste my time (if there is any time to waste) watching films, listening to music, frivolously spending money on clothes & cuisine, perusing the Interwebs, and eating.


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