Video Chat Karaoke Special: Zooey Deschanel

Two of my faves posted a special New Year’s Eve jam sesh.  Enjoy!

Video Chat Karaoke Special: Zooey Deschanel


Mumford on the Moors

Despite the fact that I could never survive alone in the wild and that I have a true appreciation for clean bathrooms and hygiene, I’m pretty sure I was born in the wrong era. Maybe it was the fact that I had Anne of Green Gables on repeat as an 8 year old and thought that big Victorian hair and puffed sleeves were attractive.  Then, I hit high schol and got introduced to the deceptively intriguing and dark worlds of Gothic English literature.  Thanks to the reading list in my sophmore English Honors class, I have a love for literary classics that were products of the eery marriage between gothic fiction and romanticism.

Wuthering Heights (1939 film starring Laurence Olivier & Merle Oberon)

Pair all of that with one of my favorite bands and you’ve got a winner.  Check out the trailer to director Andrea Arnold’s adaptation of Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights.

Destruction Party: The Party Guests

This last summer, I had the privilege of working on a short film called Destruction Party.  My awesome and remarkably talented film industry big-wig friend and producer of the film, Trent, brought me on as the music supervisor to test the waters in the world of film making.  What an amazing experience and a fun film to work on. The artistic cast and crew really brought Director Amanda Meyncke’s vision to life with this beautifully shot piece of art.

The film is about 4 girl friends that get together to have an emotional catharsis through the destruction of breakables.  Think Anthropolgie meets Jackson Pollock with beautiful plates and teacups for paint.

Here’s a behind the scenes video about the inspiration to Destruction Party.  I even have a cameo.  I think I should stick to behind the camera, though.

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