Cleansing Cadences: Ceremonial MyloXyloto

German poet and novelist, Berthold Auerbach, wrote:

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

My life gets pretty dusty, but I’m never without some awesome tunes to keep my mind less cluttered.

This week, my bathtub of beats was overflowing with some symphonic suds. Jump into the pool of rhythm with me…

Florence-The-Machine-CeremonialsCeremonials – Florence & The Machine

Florence Welch steals you away with her celestial vocals.  Just as good and maybe even better than Lungs, this album does not disappoint.
Playlist repeats:
“Shake It Out”
“No Light, No Light”
“All This And Heaven Too”

Coldplay - Mylo XylotoMylo Xyloto – Coldplay

A very ethereal journey of notes, strumming, and emotional lyrics where Mylo meets Xyloto.  Rihanna drops some beats in “Princess in China” also.

Playlist repeats:
“Every Teardrop is a Waterfall”
“Us Against the World”
“Princess in China”
“Up in Flames”


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