This Bites!

This last weekend, my parents and I took our first family trip together in years.  This was my parents first domestic trip in decades where they wouldn’t be staying at the home of a family member.  I think the last time they slept in a hotel room was sometime in the 90s when we drove cross-country to New York in their navy blue ’90 Ford Aerostar van.

Growing up, my parents never let a summer pass without us taking one big family trip.  And by “one big family” I mean- my parents and me (their one and only).  When my little cousin was born, we started caravanning with my aunt and uncle and the 6 of us would head out on these treks. Each summer we would pack up that Aerostar and drive to whatever adventurous location my mother would so carefully choose after visiting her trusty AAA agent.  We never flew.  If it was a driveable distance, we would always drive– and my parents considered the contiguous 48 states driveable.  If there was a bridge to Hawaii, we probably would’ve gone there too.  Sadly, they’re in their mid 60s-early 70s and they have yet to go there.  I think they’re waiting for a bridge.

One trip, we made it from Southern California to Wyoming in one day!  We started at 2am and arrived in Evanston, WY by 7pm.  Crazy, right?  I digress.  The point of this story is this:

Since we were going to be staying somewhere “unknown” my dad purchased this trusty device and packed it in his suitcase.  That, my friends, is a UV wand to kill bacteria and bugs that may be lurking in old hotel rooms.

The best part is that I see my mom unraveling napkins to find her vitamins/meds and she tells me that she didn’t pack a pill bottle because it would be too “bulky”.  The irony is astounding.

The best part is that I stumbled on this art installation in NY where people are creating little bedbug hotels that are placed outside of hotels that have reported bedbug infestations.  Fun way to artistically warn people that this establishment bites!



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