Cleansing Cadences: YouTube Discovery Downloads

Who said YouTube was just for Drinking Out of Cups, makeup tutorials, how to vids, and Afro Ninja?  I’ve recently discovered the wonderful world of music vlogs.  Thousands of people actually have the confidence to belt out their vocal talent for millions to see online.  I’m so impressed by these folks.  I even went on iTunes and bought some of their songs because I have this weird obsession with song covers.

We Pray For You 55 Youtubers
55 Youtube musicians collaborated to create this beautiful song to raise funds for Japan Tsunami & US Tornado relief.  All proceeds went to the Red Cross.  Maybe I like it because I’m a child of the “We Are The World” days. 

Someone Like You (cover) Charlie Puth & Emily Luther
Here’s a cover of this transcendentally beautiful song that I think even Adele would be impressed with.  The arrangement and vocals are so lovely it feels like they’re wrapping your broken-hearted soul in silk.

Garden (cover) Chris Cendana
So I stumbled upon Chris through the “We Pray For You” collaboration.  The harmonies in this cover make a perfect lullaby.  Plus, the lyrics really resonated with me.  Check out his original single “When the Lights Burn Outwhile you’re at it.

Mario Kart Love Song Sam Hart
How clever and fun.  My favorite line: “When we slide together we generate sparks in our wheels and our hearts.”  Tee hee. 


Gobble, Gobble

Stop stressing over the 30 green-bean casserole recipes you’ve got open on your desktop and take a minute to laugh at this chart.  For all the non-hosts this Thursday, here’s a nifty chart to help you figure out what to bring to the turkey feast.  Not sure if the vegan, bean loaf will go over so well with the parentals, but it may be worth a shot.

Cleansing Cadences: Ceremonial MyloXyloto

German poet and novelist, Berthold Auerbach, wrote:

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

My life gets pretty dusty, but I’m never without some awesome tunes to keep my mind less cluttered.

This week, my bathtub of beats was overflowing with some symphonic suds. Jump into the pool of rhythm with me…

Florence-The-Machine-CeremonialsCeremonials – Florence & The Machine

Florence Welch steals you away with her celestial vocals.  Just as good and maybe even better than Lungs, this album does not disappoint.
Playlist repeats:
“Shake It Out”
“No Light, No Light”
“All This And Heaven Too”

Coldplay - Mylo XylotoMylo Xyloto – Coldplay

A very ethereal journey of notes, strumming, and emotional lyrics where Mylo meets Xyloto.  Rihanna drops some beats in “Princess in China” also.

Playlist repeats:
“Every Teardrop is a Waterfall”
“Us Against the World”
“Princess in China”
“Up in Flames”

This Bites!

This last weekend, my parents and I took our first family trip together in years.  This was my parents first domestic trip in decades where they wouldn’t be staying at the home of a family member.  I think the last time they slept in a hotel room was sometime in the 90s when we drove cross-country to New York in their navy blue ’90 Ford Aerostar van.

Growing up, my parents never let a summer pass without us taking one big family trip.  And by “one big family” I mean- my parents and me (their one and only).  When my little cousin was born, we started caravanning with my aunt and uncle and the 6 of us would head out on these treks. Each summer we would pack up that Aerostar and drive to whatever adventurous location my mother would so carefully choose after visiting her trusty AAA agent.  We never flew.  If it was a driveable distance, we would always drive– and my parents considered the contiguous 48 states driveable.  If there was a bridge to Hawaii, we probably would’ve gone there too.  Sadly, they’re in their mid 60s-early 70s and they have yet to go there.  I think they’re waiting for a bridge.

One trip, we made it from Southern California to Wyoming in one day!  We started at 2am and arrived in Evanston, WY by 7pm.  Crazy, right?  I digress.  The point of this story is this:

Since we were going to be staying somewhere “unknown” my dad purchased this trusty device and packed it in his suitcase.  That, my friends, is a UV wand to kill bacteria and bugs that may be lurking in old hotel rooms.

The best part is that I see my mom unraveling napkins to find her vitamins/meds and she tells me that she didn’t pack a pill bottle because it would be too “bulky”.  The irony is astounding.

The best part is that I stumbled on this art installation in NY where people are creating little bedbug hotels that are placed outside of hotels that have reported bedbug infestations.  Fun way to artistically warn people that this establishment bites!


Blow Me Away

…and that it did; that being the “Windy City”.

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of finally setting foot in Chicago for a work trip.  It’s not often that I get sent to big cities, so I was overjoyed to be traveling to a metropolitan area versus some heartland fishing town. This was the first trip that I was completely on my own;  no real travel companions.  I loved every minute.  Ha! Not sure what that means on a deeper level, but traveling all by my lonesome was quite lovely.  Chicago was my oyster and I went diving for pearls!

What I loved about Chicago: Chicago Dogs (mmm… sweet relish, tomatoes, and onions on top of a grilled sausage? YES PLEASE!), an oversized, metallic coffee bean, and the Art Institute of Chicago— MIND BLOWING!

The photos won’t fully capture my awe, but here’s a little taste of the wind…
Art Institute of Chicago.  Best museum I’ve been to since Florence & Rome.  That sounds a bit dramatic, but it’s true. I have never had so many goosebumps while gazing at framed art since the day I snuck photos of the Sistine Chapel.  The Impressionism gallery was unbelievable.  I spent a total of four hours in this museum– at least two of those hours were in the impressionism hall.
Now here’s where my mind got blown.  Just a day before I went to the museum, I blogged about Paris and posted Gustave Claudeboitte’s Paris Street, Rainy Day.  There I was admiring the French Impressionism section and I turn a corner and see this:

I coerced a super nice guy to take at least 3 photos of me staring at this painting.  I could have stared at it for hours.  I’m weird like that, but I love my art…I love my French art.

Hopefully the winds blow me that way again soon.