2 years ago I wandered into a small boutique in San Diego and was drawn to a display of photographs depicting young African children.  Vintage brushed metal whistles hung from the display and sitting on the ledge was a small booklet that unveiled the story behind their purpose.

Engraved in script on each whistle was an “fw”, which stands for Falling Whistles.  The Falling Whistles campaign was started as a response to the growing need for peace and refuge in Congo.  The war in Congo has affected thousands; many of them young children.  These children are either trying to find refuge from the war or are forced into the the center of it against their will.  Those too small to carry a gun are pushed to the frontlines and armed with only a whistle– taught to make as much noise as possible to warn the rebel armies if enemies were close.  These young, small, innocent whistle blowers are the first to fall.

Falling Whistles has worked towards morphing this symbol from death to life.  As a symbol of protest, these whistles have become a weapon to fighting for peace in Congo.  Proceeds from whistle sales go to helping rehabilitate war-affected children.

Tonight, alongside 50 or so other whistle blowers, we posted our protest and voices for peace on a wall in downtown Los Angeles.

Read the story. Become a whistle blower.


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