Day 1 – Amber Attempts Art

A few years ago, one of my dearest and bestest friends, Amber (who I commonly refer to as Nakers), packed a bag and left Southern California for Phoenix for a much needed life change.  This move left me deeply saddened as our occasional get-togethers and frequent phone calls swapping stories about men, stupid people, life, and frustrations in fitting into designer jeans scaled to a minimum.

So… in an attempt to maintain a semblance of communication, I came up with a brilliant idea the other day while we chatted.  Daily phone calls were unnecessary and with my newly found commitment to blogging I thought of a way that we could interact on a semi-consistent basis without being overwhelmed.

We brainstormed a bit to come up with a project that would be suitable to blog.  Many ideas came up (some that I may even try out myself), but one just fit perfectly.  Amber would do a 30 day drawing challenge!

Here’s a little background as to why this is perfect for her.  Amber is one of the smartest women I know.  Seriously, she qualifies for Mensa.  She’s ridiculously intelligent, witty, carries a wealth of trivial knowledge and was physically blessed with a bod that women around the world pay thousands of dollars for.  She’s confident and adventurous, but she fears only 1 thing: having to perform artistically in the form of any visual (drawing, painting, etc) and performance (dance, specifically) art.

Conquer your fear AND entertain me is essentially what I told her.  We found a 30 day drawing challenge (yes, the one that’s circling around Facebook) and I somehow coerced her into commitment. We both decided that she doesn’t have to do one each day, but at least draw something once a week and send it to me.  I’ve told her that I will reciprocate her diligence with a comparable challenge of her choosing, should she find it necessary to compensate her for her artistic anxiety.

At last, I am proud to unveil DAY 1 or (Drawing #1) of a new series that will be featured on ROSB…

Challenge: Day 1 – Draw Yourself
If you know Amber… this is totally spot on.  Except usually she’s clothed and wearing a Dodgers shirt.

I can’t wait to see this challenge unfold!


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