The UnaBRIDGEd Jaunt

While most people slept in on Labor Day, I was up bright and early with a group of friends to go for a run.  Not just any run.  A run across the 3rd largest suspension bridge in California – The Vincent Thomas Bridge, one of the two bridges that links San Pedro to Long Beach.

A few days prior to the race, I drove over the bridge and could only see sky.  That’s a problem.  Who is crazy enough to decide they want to run over a bridge then convince 10 other friends to do it with them?  Me.  I’m nuts.

We stuck to our guns and met up early that Monday morning (when we probably should have been sleeping in) and Conquered the Bridge.  I unofficially named our team “Team Beat-the-Van” (you can surmise the meaning).

Taken from the Top of the Bridge


We all survived, some sooner than others, but in the end I’m glad we did it.  Closing off the victorious jaunt with a BBQ at my place, it wasn’t such a bad way to celebrate Labor Day.

Team "Beat-the-Van"... and we did!



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