Did you sign my yearbook?

Randomly, I picked up my high school senior yearbook tonight and started rifling through the pages. Flipping past photos of Homecoming, senior superlatives, and pep rallies it wasn’t the images that caught my attention and had me sitting on my bed for the next 30 minutes, mesmerized.  It was reading all of the comments.  Sure I had to get past the “Have a great summers” and “K.I.T. Call me”– but there were some true gems written in the back of my yearbook that really took me back.
There were a handful of names I didn’t even remember that I had to use the index to match name to face, but those were merely superficial remarks.  It was the page long, multi-colored, memory-depicting paragraphs that had me laughing out loud– some from the most random people that I would have never remembered would take the time to write in my yearbook such long anecdotes.  One friend wrote me an entire page of sentiments surrounded by three original songs: one about my name, one about an evil classmate with multiple references to whore, and one about the things we will miss about high school.  The funniest entries were those that made reference to my status at the time– one even mentioning an inevitable marriage to a Filipino person.  HA!  Showed them.  I guess I win that bet.
I was surprised at how amusing it was to read my yearbook.  It’s been almost 10 years since I graduated and I still feel as if I just left for university.  My 10 year high school reunion is just around the corner and I have no interest in attending.  Facebook and other social networking sites have enabled us to get updates (aka stalk) all of our old classmates, friends, acquaintances, or that random person that’s friends with your friend’s friend that you met at that party.   I know everything I need to know about the people I went to high school with and the ones I actually want to talk to… I still do.

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