friendly affairs

I spent this weekend reveling in the presence of friends that only come once every blue moon.  It was glorious.

Amber now lives in Phoenix so I jump at every chance to spend time with her on the rare occasion that she is here in California. This trip we marathoned Harry Potter in preparation for HP 7.2, I epically failed at making my first set of jello shots.  Who said you can’t put too much vodka?  Naturally, we turned the maranthon into a jello shot game and had to shoot the nasty buggers down every time someone said “Voldemort”.  That’s right.  That’s how us nerds party.

For my birthday, Amber treated me to a Dodgers win.  She must be a good luck charm.  Plus, she gifted me the Andre Ethier bobblehead that I have happily added to my collection and a brand new Dodgers shirt (which I also wore proudly).

Saturday was a trip down memory lane with my favorite Scots.  It’s been 6 years since I’ve seen these guys.  Ben was down for some respite in sunny Southern Cailfornia so it was up to me to show him around.  Another epic fail for me, unfortunately.  Although I’m super stoked about Waze, this new iPhone navigation app that is based on all user generated information– I didn’t really know how to use it.  Miraculously, I was able to get us to the Art in the Streets exhibit.

Later we went to Cinespia to see Annie Hall where Cal & Sonia met up with us. 

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