Knuckle Knots

I have a weird knot on the inside of my right-hand, middle finger knuckle (the one closest to my palm).  It’s as hard as a bone and hurts to the touch, but I can move my finger without any pain.  If I rub at the “knuckle knot” or “KK” as we’ll refer to it from here on out, it will dissipate.  It’s strange.  It’s probably a 4 on the 1-10 scale of pain– so not too bad.  I’ve been told I have a low tolerance for pain, but I don’t know how someone else can gauge that for me.  I’m pretty sure I have a high tolerance for pain.  That’s what I’ve convinced myself of, at least.

So, I’ve begun to enter descriptions of the kk into my google search bar.  Things like “knot in knuckle”, “protrusion in knuckle”, “finger protrustions”, and “knuckle rocks”.  I had to stop.  The results I was yielding almost had me convinced that I have rheumatoid arthritis or tendonitis.  But it wasn’t even just the written diagnosis… I started looking at photos.  I’m a nut job.  Never ever start trying to diagnose yourself by looking at photos online; you’ll have nightmares.  I saw images of people with swollen fingers.  The kinds of fingers you imagine the witch that tried to eat Hansel & Gretle had.  Long, wiry, large-knuckled fingers that look like tree branches.  *shiver*

I’ve probably made a dozen people touch my kk.  The majority of them have told me to see a doctor.  I haven’t yet.  I feel weird going to the doctor for my knuckle knot that goes away if you rub it.  That sounds so dirty. I think I’m going to take a poll on whether I should see a doctor or just wait for my finger to fall off.  I’ll end up waiting for it to fall off.  bah!


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